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How far do you travel for parties?

We go wherever the event is held. We have been as far north as La Ronge and as far south as Estevan. There is a charge for travelling outside of Saskatoon. Please contact us for rates. 

Will the cold affect the balloons?

No, the balloons will not pop or deflate in the cold.

What are you rates?

We charge by the time, not by the number of children or number of balloons that we use. Please contact me for rates.

How many balloons per child?

It varies on quantity of requests. Children may receive up to 3 or 4 balloons at a birthday party, but less at a public event. 

How long do you entertain at events?

This varies. We stay at birthday parties for 1 hour. If you are expecting more than 30 children, 1.5 hr(s) is recommended. Corporate or community events can be anywhere from 1 hour up to 7 hours. All bookings are a 1 hour minimum and then increase by the half hour.