Event Ideas in Saskatoon

Looking for some unique balloon event ideas and fun entertainment for your next big party in Saskatoon? Create a fun and memorable event experience with colourful balloon creations. Whatever the celebration, your guests will not be disappointed!

Our style of entertainment is perfect for a wide variety of occasions. Birthdays are our most popular events, but we also do balloon animals for wedding receptions, community gatherings, block parties, church events, carnivals and more! We’re serious about balloons—we don’t clown around—well maybe a little. 😂

Birthday Parties

When your kids see a balloon twisted into almost whatever they desire, they will be entertained and not want to leave! Birthday parties are our most popular events in Saskatoon. Balloon animals are a great idea for girl’s and boy’s birthday parties from ages 2-12.

Balloon animals like cats, poodles, teddy bears, dinosaurs, lions, unicorns or a birthday hat are the classic choices. But we live to impress, so we’ve created pop culture balloons. 

Is your child fascinated with Disney? Perhaps a Minion balloon, Olaf from Frozen or a My Little Pony balloon?

Corporate Events

I believe it was Sir Richard Branson who said, “Take Care of your employees and they will take care of your business.”

We know you appreciate your employees and their hard work, so at your next company picnic, Christmas party or other corporate event, keep the children entertained so the adults can visit.

Who are we kidding?! Adults love balloon animals too! 🤣

Looking to impress at your next corporate event, message us or book online.

Wedding Entertainment

Kids are always a big part when it comes to weddings, so it’s important that they are entertained. Balloon twisting is a great idea to keep the little ones entertained at such a memorable event.

We’ll keep their attention and eyes full with wonder. Enjoy visiting with friends and family as your children have a blast with their cousins and friends. 

Church Events

Entertaining kids is the majority of our business, so when you’re having a children’s event or youth event at your church, trust that you’ll be taken care of.

We’ve twisted balloons for children’s festivals, carnivals, VBS, summer camps, valentine’s parties and more!

Kids are always thrilled to take home their favourite balloon model. Book us for your next church event and make it extra memorable!

School Events

Make everyone’s first day back to school a memorable one! Let us meet and greet new students, with a twist. Balloon Funn is a great addition to any school fundraiser, pep rally, spirit day, carnival, science fair or even a sports event.

Whether preschool, grade school or kindergarten graduation, the kids will be enthralled with the balloon animals that are sculpted for them. They will proudly display and play with it throughout the day.  How excited will they be to take it home to show mom and dad?

Community Events

Nothing brings a community closer together than events that are geared to the whole family. Whether you’re planning a block party, festival, tradeshow or party in the park, balloon twisting is a great attention to attract children and families.

For your next community event, make it more memorable and successful by hiring us to twist balloons for the kids.