Our Story

Warren Johnson

Balloon animals and so much more!

Hi! My name is Warren. I have been twisting balloons professionally since 1999. I can make holiday characters, ocean and sea creatures, jungle balloon animals, dinosaurs, flower bouquets, and much more! Many think of me as a children’s entertainer but that is only the begining. I perform at school events, birthday parties, staff parties, churches, weddings, corporate events, community events and get well gatherings. Birthday parties are the most popular though.

Balloon Funn regularly entertains at restaurants including Montana’s & other local businesses. We can even perform at your favourite restaurant. Check our upcoming events to see where we’re performing next.

An environmentally conscious balloon company.

We twist our balloons with latex balloons. Latex balloons are made from the sap of rubber trees, not from plastic as commonly thought. This means that latex balloons come from plant based materials and will biodegrade over time.

Balloon Animals